Report | Adaptive Spaces, Evolving Workforces

EMEA Occupier Sentiment Survey 2022

May 16, 2022 15 Minute


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We asked senior real estate decision-makers in over 100 companies for their views on these issues and what will be shaping occupier decision making for 2022 and beyond.

Key findings from the survey include:

  • Repopulating offices is a pressing priority as 68% of companies expect to be promoting a more regular return to the office by mid-year
  • 70% are permitting either a voluntary return to the office at the employees’ discretion, or requiring return on a part-time basis. Only 6% of companies are currently requiring employees to return to the office on a full-time basis
  • A growing number of companies (40%) expect expansion in their portfolio footprint over the next three years; and around a fifth are considering relocating some functions, either to lower-cost areas or to better quality space
  • Only 8% of companies report no change in their real estate strategy as a result of the Covid pandemic. 63% highlight increased acceptance of the future of remote work as a consequence.
  • Nearly three-quarters of companies say that they are moving towards a choice-based “hybrid workplace”, but barely half (56%) have devised, or are developing, a formal policy to frame this.