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Data and insights are core to our business and ability to drive great client outcomes. We use an approach centred on data verification, automation and integration to solve the most complex big data dilemmas that real estate leaders face. From gathering information across disparate systems to ensuring data accuracy, our team is designed to interpret data to inform meaningful strategic decisions.

Our significant investments in people and technology have enabled us to amass unrivalled data, ensure accuracy and deliver actionable insights to help commercial real estate leaders capitalise on opportunity.

Data-Driven Approach

  1. A Consultative, Client-Centric Approach to Technology and Analytics Solutions

    We collaborate closely with you to create solutions that leverage data from multiple sources (yours and/or ours) to drive business and operational insights that enable achievement of strategic outcomes. 
  2. Collaboration Delivers a Scalable, Future-Proof Solution

    We work to understand your evolving goals and priorities as well as the necessary data, reporting and spectrum of technologies required to meet you where you are today and accelerate your journey. We partner with you to develop technology and analytics roadmaps to guide the way. 
  3. An Unmatched Data Warehouse

    Our proprietary Enterprise Data Platform (EDP) automates data flow from various technology tools CRE teams use across geographies and service areas, integrating information from CBRE, client and third-party data sources. Our market-leading position provides insights through predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning that automates workflows and drives efficiencies. 
  4. Data Governance

    Our governance process includes core disciplines such as data quality management, information lifecycle management, security and privacy as well as supporting disciplines that include data architecture, classification, audit, and reporting. 

Supporting Capabilities

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